Israeli strikes kill Hezbollah commander and two members

Ismail Baz, identified as the commander of Hezbollah's

17th April 2024 – (Beirut)  Israeli forces conducted targeted strikes on Tuesday, 16th April, resulting in the deaths of three individuals, including a high-ranking Hezbollah commander. This surge in hostilities marks a break in what had been a period of relative quiet amidst ongoing regional tensions.

The Israeli military confirmed that one of the strikes near the town of Ain Ebel successfully eliminated Ismail Baz, identified as the commander of Hezbollah’s coastal sector. Baz was reportedly involved in orchestrating various forms of aggression against Israel, including rocket launches and anti-tank missile attacks.

Following the strike, Hezbollah released a statement acknowledging the loss of Baz. However, the group provided no further details regarding his specific activities or role within the organization.

Further exacerbating the day’s violence, additional Israeli operations targeted two vehicles near Chehabiyeh, resulting in the deaths of at least two other Hezbollah operatives. These fatalities were confirmed by both Lebanese security sources and civil defence officials.

This recent flare-up is part of a broader pattern of conflict that has persisted for over six months, marking the most severe period of fighting between Israel and Hezbollah since the 2006 Lebanon War. The ongoing violence has had a devastating impact, with a reported death toll of at least 370 Lebanese, including over 240 Hezbollah combatants and 68 civilians.

The situation in the region remains fraught with tension, particularly in the wake of Iran’s unprecedented direct assault on Israel last Saturday. This massive attack, which involved hundreds of explosive drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles, was described by Tehran as a retaliatory act for an Israeli airstrike on 1st April. That earlier strike had targeted a facility in Damascus, resulting in the deaths of two Iranian generals among other casualties.