Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu holds phone call with Russian President Putin amidst conflict with Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

11th December 2023 – (Tehran) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu engaged in a much-anticipated phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, marking their first communication since the onset of the conflict between Israel and Hamas on October 7, as confirmed by Netanyahu’s office.

During the call, Netanyahu expressed his gratitude for Russia’s efforts to secure the release of an Israeli-Russian citizen who had been held captive by Hamas. He further reiterated Israel’s unwavering commitment to employ all available means to liberate all individuals being held hostage in the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, Netanyahu sought Russia’s assistance in exerting pressure on the Red Cross to ensure unhindered access for visits and the provision of essential medical supplies to the hostages detained in Gaza, as stated in the official statement.

Simultaneously, the Israeli prime minister voiced his criticism of Russia’s perceived positions against Israel within the international community, including those expressed at the United Nations, according to his office’s statement.

It is worth noting that Russia sided with a UN Security Council resolution on Friday that called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. Regrettably, this resolution was ultimately vetoed by the United States.

The phone call between Netanyahu and Putin holds significant diplomatic importance as it signifies a potential shift in the dynamics surrounding the Israeli-Hamas conflict. Both leaders now have an opportunity to address their respective concerns and seek common ground in the pursuit of peace and stability in the region.