Israeli military operation forces closure of Kuwaiti hospital in Gaza

Kuwait Specialised Hospital,

28th May 2024 – (Gaza) In response to the Israeli military operation in Rafah, the Kuwait Specialised Hospital, one of the two remaining functioning hospitals in the southernmost city of Gaza, has been forced to shut down. The closure was announced on Monday by Suhaib Al-Hams, the director of the hospital, who stated that the medical staff would be transferred to a field hospital being prepared nearby.

The decision to close the hospital was prompted by the Israeli army’s expansion of its military operation in Rafah, which has repeatedly targeted the hospital’s surroundings. The most recent incident involved the deliberate targeting of the hospital gate, resulting in the tragic deaths of two medics. Concerns for the safety of both patients and staff led to the difficult decision to close the facility.

Meanwhile, Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah, located in the central Gaza Strip, issued a warning regarding the Israeli army’s prevention of fuel supplies. The hospital stated that if fuel is not supplied within the next four hours, health services provided by the hospital may be suspended.

The hospital’s statement explained that the Israeli army has been blocking the delivery of fuel since Sunday. Al-Aqsa Hospital plays a critical role in providing medical care and services to over 1,200 sick and injured individuals, including 600 patients suffering from kidney failure who require regular kidney dialysis treatments. In the absence of fuel and power, the hospital will be unable to continue these life-saving treatments within a few hours.

The statement from Al-Aqsa Hospital urgently called upon the international community to exert pressure on Israel to ensure the supply of 50,000 liters of fuel. This amount is necessary to sustain the work of the medical staff for the next 10 days, safeguarding the provision of essential healthcare services to the vulnerable population in the Gaza Strip.