Israel-Gaza main crossing hit by mortar bombs from Gaza


Xinhua News

8th August 2022 – (Gaza) The main pedestrian crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip was hit by mortar bombs fired from the Palestinian coastal enclave, the Israeli Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The Erez Crossing, currently the only crossing point between Gaza and Israel by land, was hit by three mortar bombs fired by militants in Gaza, it said.

“The terminal’s roof was damaged as a result of the fire, and shrapnel fell into the entrance hall,” the ministry said, adding that the terminal has been used to facilitate the daily passage of thousands of Gazans that work in Israel.

Israel shut down the crossing last week amid a major flare-up, as Israel unleashed on Friday massive airstrikes and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad responded with rocket barrages.

The fighting has killed at least 31 Palestinians, including six children and four women, and injured 275, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza.