Is Don Don Donki in Hong Kong a pro-democracy retail store?


25th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) Wenweipo media reported yesterday that Japanese retail store Don Don Donki Hong Kong branch has started a “yellow” propaganda on the Internet, and even promoted “Hong Kong independence”. Agnes Chou, social activist and a former member of the Standing Committee of Demosistō  even recorded a cover version of the theme song for the group. A professional music video containing Agnes Chou at a local Don Don Donki was fimed. Yellow bags containing the caption ‘If Not when?” and ‘Add Oil’ were found for sale at one of the stores. Although ‘Add Oil’ is used to express encouragement, incitement, or support, the protesters have been using the word during the anti-extradition movement to ask Hongkongers to add oil to fight for freedom.

It is unsure if the management of Don Don Donki is pro-democracy or whether it was purely a small number of the marketing staff who are pro-democracy. The reporter at Wen Wei Po has urged the National Security office to investigate further.

Pan Pacific Retail Management (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd which owns the Don Don Donki stores in Hong Kong has not responded to-date.