Iran denies reports of missile sales to Russia for use in Ukraine conflict

File photo.

24th February 2024 – (Tehran) Iran has refuted Western media reports claiming that it sold ballistic missiles to Russia for deployment against Ukraine. The Iranian UN mission released a statement on social media platform X, stating that although there are no legal restrictions on ballistic missile sales, Iran feels morally obligated to abstain from weapons transactions during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to the statement, Iran’s decision is rooted in its commitment to international law and the principles outlined in the UN Charter. The country aims to avoid exacerbating the conflict and contributing to further instability in the region.

Earlier this week, Reuters published an article, citing six sources, alleging that Iran had provided Russia with a significant quantity of potent surface-to-surface ballistic missiles. In response, the Biden administration issued a warning to Iran, cautioning of a swift and severe response from the international community if the reports were accurate.

John Kirby, White House National Security spokesman, stated during a virtual press briefing that the United States had not yet confirmed the movement of missiles from Iran to Russia. Kirby added that the matter would be brought before the UN Security Council, and additional sanctions against Iran would be implemented. The United States also plans to coordinate with European allies and partners to explore further response options.

Previously, Ukraine and Western nations had accused Iran of exporting suicide drones to Russia for use in the Ukrainian conflict. Iran has consistently dismissed these allegations as baseless, asserting that it had provided only a limited number of drones to Russia several months before the outbreak of hostilities.