Iran and EU discuss Tehran’s military response to Israeli actions


15th April 2024 – (Tehran) Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell held discussions on Sunday concerning Iran’s military retaliation against Israel. The conversation, which took place over the phone, was prompted by recent aggressive actions by Israel, including a deadly attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which Tehran views as a severe breach of international conventions.

Amir-Abdollahian criticised the global community, particularly pointing to the United Nations and the Security Council, for not responding adequately to Israel’s provocations. He emphasised that Iran’s counterstrike was a necessary measure under its right to self-defence, as outlined by international law.

The dialogue between the two diplomats also covered broader regional issues, including the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Late Saturday night, Iran had initiated a series of drone and missile attacks targeting what it claimed were key Israeli military sites. The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps described these strikes as precise and successful.

Following the attacks, Tehran communicated that it viewed this particular operation as complete, although it warned of a robust and immediate response should Israel retaliate. Amir-Abdollahian also expressed a desire for the European Union to lead an effective international initiative to halt what he referred to as the “genocide” in Gaza, affirming Iran’s readiness to support such efforts.

On the other side, Borrell acknowledged the predictability of Iran’s military response and expressed relief that Iran considered the matter resolved. He condemned the assault on the Iranian consulate, confirming it violated the Vienna Conventions. Furthermore, Borrell highlighted ongoing EU diplomatic endeavours aimed at resolving the crisis in Gaza and alleviating the plight of its inhabitants. He urged Iran to support these efforts and to maintain restraint in its military engagements.