Investigation launched into New Lucky House fire, examining cigarette butt and other potential causes


11th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A devastating No.3 alarm fire broke out at New Lucky House in Jordan resulting in the loss of five lives and leaving forty people injured. The Fire Services Department has established a task force in collaboration with the Police Force’s Serious Crime Unit to investigate the cause of the fire. In an effort to gather information about the progress of the investigation, multiple sources were consulted. According to these sources, the fire originated in the patio on the first and second floors of the building, where various items including plastic bags and cardboard were stored. Additionally, a significant number of cigarette butts were found in the vicinity by rescue personnel.

Following a thorough inspection of the scene by firefighters using detectors and fire investigation dogs, no accelerants were initially discovered, and there is currently no evidence to suggest arson. As for the cause of the fire, the investigation is still in its preliminary stages and requires the collaboration of the Fire Services Department, the Police Force, and government laboratories. At present, no definitive cause has been determined. While the discovery of cigarette butts raises the possibility of a discarded cigarette being a contributing factor, other potential causes such as electrical short circuits will also be examined.

In the evening, at approximately 8pm, detectives from the Serious Crime Unit of the West Kowloon Regional Command collected several bags of evidence from the light well on the first floor, including suspected burnt plastic bags. These items will be sent to government laboratories for further analysis.

The fire broke out at around 7.53am yesterday (10th) on the first floor of New Lucky House located at 13-15 Jordan Road. Multiple individuals were trapped and suffered from burns. At 8.04am, the Fire Services Department raised the fire alarm to No.3, deploying numerous aerial ladders to assist residents in evacuating the premises. By 8.54am, the fire had been contained, and it was largely extinguished by 10.30am. Approximately 250 individuals were rescued, while an additional 50 people managed to evacuate to safety on their own. The injured were promptly transported to various hospitals for treatment, but unfortunately, three men and two women succumbed to their injuries.

The Fire Services Department has today (11th) made public the follow-up investigation work on Facebook, which includes the use of 3D scanners, hydrocarbon detectors, and 360-degree panoramic cameras to record the fire scene environment. Fire investigation dogs have also been deployed to collect data on the scene environment using technology and professional techniques. At the same time, extensive detection is being conducted within the fire area.

Source: Fire Services Department