Introducing ‘The Young Master of bitcoins’ who pulled the ‘money from the sky’ stunt yesterday in Sham Shui Po


The 24 year old young man popularly known as “Young Master of bitcoins’ appeared abruptly in Sham Shui Po yesterday and successfully ‘predicted’ that money would fall from the sky sending the crowd into raptures.

Wong who is dubbed as the “Young Master of bitcoins”

This man has a history of flaunting his wealth after telling the world that he has made multi-millions from investing in bitcoins. Not only he has a Facebook page to market himself, he often posts pictures of his Lamborghini and money to attract naive young people to join him in his bitcoin mining business.

Wong with his proteges and students in front of his village home

He has commenced many bitcoin mining classes and he charges HK$20,000 per lesson to brainwash his students. He claims that his mining machines use an internet protocol known as IPFS (Inter Planetary File System), a peer-to-peer distributed file system. Through the underlying protocol, files that are stored over IPFS system can be accessed from any point of the world without the obstruction of firewalls. Filecoin mining is different from BTC mining where the latter requires the mining rigs to have supreme calculation power yet Filecoin mining is about contributing one’s own storage space.  However, some disgruntled customers who bought his Filecoin machines for a premium price found out that they are no different from ordinary mining machines.  

Wong with his bitcoin mining machine

How did he amass multi-million dollars? Apparently, he has revealed to media reporters that he changed his name but  he denied implications to a scam case in the past. He told the press that he used to work at McDonald’s and construction sites to accumulate savings. He then used his savings to invest in bitcoins in 2015 to make multi-millions. He has since started a Facebook page to teach young people how to invest in  bitcoin mining machine to become rich.