International community urged to support negotiations for arms control in outer space, says Chinese Foreign Ministry

Wang Wenbin

6th December 2023 – (Beijing) The Chinese Foreign Ministry has called on relevant countries to support and engage in negotiations for a legal instrument on arms control in outer space. Speaking at a regular press briefing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin emphasized that certain countries have long resisted the negotiation of a legal instrument on technical grounds and have even questioned the consensus of preventing an arms race in outer space.

Wang’s statement comes after the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a draft resolution titled “No first placement of weapons in outer space,” introduced by China and Russia, with 127 votes in favour.

Wang stressed that safeguarding security and peace in outer space and preventing an arms race aligns with the long-term aspirations of the international community. He referenced the 1978 UN special session on disarmament, which proposed the prevention of an arms race in outer space through negotiation.

For over four decades, the UNGA has consistently adopted resolutions that call for negotiations on international legal instruments and reflect the concerns of the international community regarding the weaponization of outer space.

China, Russia, and other countries have submitted the draft resolution on “No First Placement of weapons in Outer Space” to the UNGA for several consecutive years.

The adoption of the resolution with strong support demonstrates the international community’s firm backing for negotiations on an international legal instrument for arms control in outer space and the prohibition of weapons placement, Wang stated.