Intense fight between two men unveiled at Oi Man Estate in Ho Man Tin


9th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A captivating aerial combat video, believed to have taken place at the Oi Man Estate in Ho Man Tin, has been circulating online, leaving netizens astounded. The footage captures two burly men engaged in a chase within the square-shaped underground area of the public housing estate, with their movements accompanied by the glimmer of blades. The scene, illuminated by dim streetlights, creates a visually stunning effect that has been hailed by online viewers as a work of art. Netizens with a keen eye have also speculated about the true nature of the weapons, which appear to emit a radiant glow when wielded.

Although the video captures the intense sounds of the altercation, the distance and echoes make it difficult to discern the content of the conversation. However, for peanut-eating netizens, the intricacy of the combatants’ movements and the interplay of light and shadow in the footage are enough to appreciate its artistic value.

The video, shot from an aerial perspective, showcases a mesmerizing artistic effect under the glow of the dim streetlights. Initially, a man dressed in black is seen wielding a narrow, elongated weapon, which is later seized by his bare-chested opponent. The two men then engage in a series of defensive manoeuvres, accompanied by arched steps, with the weapon occasionally emitting flashes of light in the illumination. Finally, the two combatants exit the frame while locked in a tense embrace, creating a cinematic climax.

Netizens who have viewed the video have praised its artistic qualities, noting the composition, the expression of movement, and the lines on the ground, all of which contribute to its aesthetic appeal. Some comments include, “The angles, the movements, and the lines on the ground are all filled with artistic sensibility,” “The camera angle is perfect, just like in a video game,” and “It resembles a street fighter.”

Following the video, netizens began speculating about the nature of the altercation, suggesting various scenarios such as a romantic rivalry, a morning exercise routine, martial arts practice, or even a dance routine. One netizen humorously remarked, “At this hour, they’re doing the waltz,” while another compared it to children playfully fighting and suggested it was a display of martial arts skills. Some netizens initially mistook the weapons for knives but later questioned whether they were actually staves, as no bloodshed was observed.

Others noted the concluding moment when the two combatants embraced, with one netizen jokingly suggesting that the residents of the upper floors should pour water on them to sober them up, or even drop a bucket of excrement to diffuse the situation. Some local residents expressed their unease, commenting, “No wonder it was so noisy last night,” and “It’s terrifying. I might not even dare to open my door. You’re brave to capture it on video.”