Insta360’s new drone-360-camera to be launched on 7th January


2nd January 2020 –  Insta360 shows their teaser video that suggests the company is launching a new drone-360-camera soon. A drone and an action camera were being thrown into a blender with the following message:

Insta360’s new drone-360-camera might do it all

Our next camera combines an action cam, a 360 cam, a drone, a ‘1-inch’ cam, into one.

It seems that Insta360 is set to launch a new drone with a 360-degree camera on 7th January. There have been many drone enthusiasts who have mounted Insta360 on DJI drones in the past by using custom brackets. However, a drone that can take 360-degree images and video on a 1-inch sensor will enable drone pilots to create some totally new aerial footage. It is unknown if DJI will take on the challenge and launch their next drone equipped with a 360-degree camera if there is a demand for it.