Inner Mongolian man enlists 3 friends to “split the bill” for sex with female livestreamer, 4 of them sentenced to 2-4 years in prison


22nd March 2023 – (Hohhot) A man in Inner Mongolia arranged to have sex with a female livestreamer for 1000 RMB per session. However, feeling the price was too high, he enlisted the help of three friends to “split the bill” at 250 RMB each without informing the woman. During the sexual encounter, the man claimed he needed to use the bathroom and then his three friends took turns having sex with the woman. When the livestreamer noticed the men’s sizes and features were different, she became suspicious and reported the incident to the police.

According to a report by Phoenix News, the four men were scrolling through their phones at a street vendor when they came across the livestreamer’s profile. One of the men, surnamed Huang, contacted her and arranged for the sexual encounter. Upon meeting the woman, Huang turned off the lights and closed the curtains claiming to be shy. After their encounter, Huang pretended to use the bathroom and allowed his friend Wei to have sex with the woman while pretending to be Huang. Wei then passed the woman onto another friend, Liu, who did the same thing.

The report notes that the woman became suspicious and turned on the lights after Liu had sex with her. She immediately refused to continue the sexual activity, but Liu insisted, claiming he had already paid. The fourth man, Gao, then entered the room and sexually assaulted the woman.

After the incident, the woman reported the four men to the police, accusing them of sexual assault. The court found that although the men did not use violence, they used deception to place the woman in a vulnerable position where she could not resist their advances. Huang was sentenced to two years in prison for his involvement in the scheme, while Wei, Liu and Gao were sentenced to four years each. The woman was also detained administratively for 15 days for engaging in prostitution.