Injured MIRROR dancer to undergo removal procedure of urinary catheter and to learn to walk again


4th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) The injured dancer Mo Li Kai-yin in the MIRROR accident is still in the hospital. The General Secretary of the Family Development Foundation, Shirley Loo shared the intercession letter of Mo’s father tonight and disclosed Mo’s wish: ” I am about to learn to walk again, and I pray that the Almighty God will strengthen my tendons and muscles, so that my path will become wider.” The letter also pointed out that the doctor is considering helping Mo to remove the urinary catheter to reduce urinary tract infections and to facilitate mobility. However, the procedure cannot be performed if his blood pressure is higher than usual or unstable during the removal process.

Meanwhile, the Labor Department, after consulting the Department of Justice, has filed 15 prosecutions last week against the perpetrators.