Injured MIRROR dancer takes more than 400 steps with help of exoskeleton but experiences pain during daily grooming


19th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Dancer Mo Li Kai-yin, who was injured during the MIRROR concert last year remains hospitalised. The General Secretary of the Family Development Foundation, Shirley Loo, shared a prayer letter from Mo’s father, Pastor Li, yesterday evening. The letter reveals that Mo has been able to take more than 400 steps with the help of an exoskeleton, and is gradually adapting to it. The inclined bed gait training robot system, Erigo, has also been installed and tested, and will begin to be used next week.

Mo’s father mentioned that he has been experiencing tremors and sweating for the past two days, as well as urinary tract inflammation, which has affected the original treatment plan. In addition, even small movements during daily grooming activities such as hair cutting, brushing teeth, trimming nails, and dressing can cause pain or injury to Mo, making it a challenge for caregivers.

In the prayer letter, Pastor Li stated that the exoskeleton has been helping Mo take more than 400 steps at a time, and he is gradually adapting to it. He also expressed his hope that the inclined bed gait training robot system, Erigo, will not only assist in the blood circulation of Mo’s footsteps and joint muscles, but also stimulate the overall sensation and operation of the nerves. Mo is currently using both Western and Chinese healthcare treatments, with the hope that the medications will promote metabolism, improve blood flow, relieve wind and dampness, nourish the Mo and blood, and aid in nerve function. Pastor Li expressed his gratitude to various groups and organisations for inviting him to share his family’s experiences and how they overcame difficulties with courage. However, he also noted that he has limited time and energy and is unable to accept all invitations, and hopes for understanding from all parties.