Injured MIRROR concert dancer Chang Tsz-fung still needs to undergo physical therapy at hospital

Catherine Lui (left), Chang Tze-fun (right)

2nd August 2022 – (Hong Kong) The popular boy group MIRROR had a serious accident on 28th July. A LED screen fell and crushed 2 male dancers, including 27-year-old Lee Kai-yin (Mo) and 29-year-old Chang Tsz-fung. Among them, Mo was seriously injured. After undergoing 2 surgeries to repair his cervical vertebrae, he is still being treated in intensive care unit and he is in critical condition. On the other hand, Chang suffered injuries to his pelvis and cervical spine and was discharged from the hospital the following day.

Catherine Lui, an ex-kindergarten supervisor and social media influencer known as “Principal Cat” shared on Facebook today that Chang has not been discharged from the hospital but he has been transferred to the Chinese University Hospital for further treatment.

On behalf of Chang’s family, she relayed the accidental injury process and his injuries. She also released the recording of Chang’s wife for the first time in video. She posted a video on social media saying that at the time of the accident, a large LED screen fell from a height and immediately crushed Mo. Chang stepped forward to help lift the screen, but the screen was very heavy and Chang was unable to support before his head was hit by the screen, and then his pelvis, waist, thighs, hands and feet were also crushed. Since Chang had been hit on the head, the hospital first carried out relevant examinations and scans for him. Lui also pointed out that due to the great emotional distress of Chang and his family, they did not appear to speak, but the video also played a recording of Chang’s wife to explain the accident.

Chang now needs physical therapy and examinations every day. Due to the current situation, he still needs to stay in the hospital. Although his condition is better than Mo, it is not “minor injury” or “bruise” as described on social media. She continued to point out that if Chang is discharged from the hospital or has further progress, she will also share on social media.