Influx of budget tour groups continues in To Kwa Wan, Mainland guests eat at same restaurant for 2 days and complain of food being lack of flavour


30th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Mainland budget tour groups continue to flock to the Kowloon City area, prompting the Tourism Industry Authority (TIA) to require the industry to ensure a minimum meal time of 30 minutes starting today. At a restaurant specialising in group meals in the To Kwa Wan district, some mainland tourists reported having had about 20 minutes to eat their meal today. They also expressed that this was the second consecutive day they had lunch at the same restaurant and laughed bitterly, saying “There is no choice but to eat out when travelling.” They also mentioned that they are not accustomed to the bland taste of Cantonese cuisine and rated their satisfaction at a maximum of 6 points out of 10.

Recently, the influx of mainland budget tour groups in the Kowloon City area has caused controversy, with some people eating two dishes of rice while standing on the street. The Tourism Commission has stated that it has requested the industry to implement a reservation system with restaurants, and ensure a minimum meal time of 30 minutes starting today. The industry has also been advised to divert tourists to areas with lower foot traffic.

Meanwhile, members of TIA and police officers were present outside the restaurant, and a fence was erected with security guards stationed. The first tour group entered the restaurant at around 10.50am, followed by several other tour groups. Tour buses were required to leave immediately after dropping off passengers and were not allowed to park. A tourist Guangxi participated in a four-day tour organised by China Youth Travel Service to Zhuhai, Macao, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, with a tour fee of about RMB 1,800. He mentioned that the dishes included pork ribs, boiled prawns, and pork belly. He said he only had 15 minutes to eat.

Mainland tourists queuing outside the restaurant in To Kwa Wan.