Inferno engulfs low-level flat in Ka Shing Mansion in Aberdeen, 2 adults and one child sent to hospital

Ka Shing Building

29th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s Aberdeen district witnessed a dramatic incident at around 4pm today as a low-level unit in Ka Shing Mansion, Aberdeen caught fire, emitting thick smoke and prompting nearby residents to call for help.

In response to the emergency call, firefighters rushed to the scene and immediately started to tackle the blaze. They deployed a hose and a smoke helmet team to douse the flames, and after fifteen minutes of hard work, they finally managed to extinguish the fire.

During the incident, one man, one woman, and a young child were affected by the thick smoke and had to be treated by ambulance paramedics. The authorities later reported that they were taken to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, residents of the building were evacuated to a safe location while firefighters continued their efforts to contain the fire.

After the blaze was put out, the fire department conducted a preliminary investigation into the incident. According to their findings, they do not suspect any foul play or arson as the cause of the fire. However, the exact cause of the fire remains unknown, and the investigation is ongoing.