Indonesian Ministry of State-owned enterprises trials four-day work week to enhance employee well-being


12th June 2024 – (Jakarta) Indonesia’s Ministry of State-owned Enterprises has embarked on a pioneering experiment by introducing a pilot program for a four-day work week. The Compressed Work Schedule, which commenced this week and will run for two months, enables employees to opt for a four-day work week every fortnight, provided they meet certain criteria.

The primary objective of this trial, according to Secretary Rabin Indrajad Hattari, is to evaluate whether the reduced work week enhances employee productivity. Additionally, the ministry aims to identify effective managerial practices for teams functioning under this system, ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

Indonesia’s Ministry of State-owned Enterprises conducted a survey earlier this year, revealing the need for improved work-life balance among its employees. Minister Erick Thohir proposed the four-day work week as a means to address mental health issues affecting the younger workforce, emphasising that the additional day off does not imply laziness but rather offers a flexible alternative.

While the pilot program is currently limited to the Ministry of State-owned Enterprises, its success may prompt other government ministries and state-owned enterprises in Indonesia to consider similar arrangements. This initiative aligns with the global trend of adopting flexible work schedules post-COVID-19, with various countries and companies worldwide embracing the concept to enhance employee well-being and job satisfaction.