Indian fugitive Ramanjit Singh appeals against extradition procedure today


11th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Indian authorities alleged that the Indian fugitive Ramanjit Singh arrested in Hong Kong was suspected of planning terrorist activities, assisting or instigating escape from legal detention, assisting in escape, conspiring to launch firearms, and repeatedly instigating remittances from Hong Kong to India to assist in robberies and fugitives. He was demanded to be extradited to India for trial. The Magistrate of the Eastern District Court ruled 18 of the charges in 2019 were established and Singh was detained pending extradition, but ruled that charges related to prison escape and assisting prisoners to escape from legal custody were not crimes allowed under extradition.

After the Indian government filed an appeal through the Department of Justice, the High Court ruled that the appeal was successful last year. However, Singh filed an appeal again, and the hearing continued in the Court of Appeal again today.

Ramanjit Singh had argued that the order of committal to custody by challenging the evidence against him and arguing his prosecution was merely a smokescreen for persecuting him as a young Sikh in support of a separatist movement.