Increase in begging scams in North Point, students targeted for small amounts


12th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) North Point residents have raised concerns about the emergence of a group engaging in deceptive begging tactics, taking advantage of the public’s indifference towards small sums. A netizen from the area shared their encounter on social media, recounting an incident involving a middle-aged man persistently approaching passersby to request HK$2. Alarmed by the situation and suspecting the man to be part of a “loan money gang,” a concerned bystander captured the interaction on camera, leading the man to react angrily. Other online users who saw the photographs recognised him, recalling instances when he had previously approached people for larger sums, such as HK$5 in MTR Admiralty Station.

The incident took place around 5pm on 2nd february along Java Road, near Shu Kuk Street, in North Point. The original poster noticed a middle-aged man carrying a backpack and holding a green eco-friendly bag, persistently asking passersby for HK$2. One male student kindly obliged and handed over the requested amount. Sensing something amiss, the original poster decided to capture the events on camera, only to find the man becoming agitated upon realizing he was being photographed.

The original poster expressed uncertainty about whether the man was genuinely in need or engaging in deceptive practices. Other netizens chimed in with their own encounters: “Last time, he was asking for HK$5 on Java Road” “He has been doing this for many years, even within the restricted area of MTR Admiralty Station, asking for HK$2.” Responding to the comments, the original poster suspected foul play and advised caution, stating, “Stay vigilant and don’t feel obligated to give. Perhaps when no one gave him HK$5, he reduced it to HK$2. Everyone should be careful!”