Incident of Chinese tourists blocking entrance on MTR Tung Chung Line train causes commuter disruption


11th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) A recent incident on the MTR Tung Chung Line has sparked concern after a netizen reported an incident involving a group of Chinese tourists obstructing the entrance of a train carriage during a busy evening commute. The incident occurred when passengers were attempting to board the MTR train bound for Hong Kong, but encountered a group of tourists sitting on the floor near the door, impeding access for fellow commuters. Despite pleas from other passengers to make way, the tourists remained seated and engaged in conversation among themselves, displaying a disregard for the inconvenience caused to other passengers.

This disruption persisted for two stops until seats were vacated and made available for the tourists, allowing them to relocate and free up the entrance area. The incident drew attention to the importance of courtesy and consideration for fellow passengers, particularly during peak travel times when train carriages are crowded.