Inbound tours to Hong Kong decrease over 90%, visiting tourists in December will be 40% lower


28th December 2019 – (Hong Kong) After the civil unrest persisted for over 6 months, the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong has dwindled significantly. The chairman of Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, Wong expressed in a radio interview today that the anti-extradition protest has impacted the tourism industry. Inbound tours have decreased over 90% as the monthly tour groups have reduced from 200 in the past to only 20 in December.

For the Lunar New Year next month, Wong was not optimistic about the performance of the tourism industry. He pointed out that since the Lunar New Year holiday is usually targeted at the mainland Chinese tourists, the number of inbound tour groups during the period has always been small.

Meanwhile, Yiu Si-wing, director at China Travel Service and member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong said that the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong dropped by nearly 56% in November alone. The situation in December will be similar as the forecast number will be 40% lower. He doesn’t think the situation will improve in the short term and to solve the deadlock in the tourism industry, local consumer spending must be improved and promotion overseas must be strengthened so that travel warning issued by several countries can be cancelled. Local hotels will suffer during Lunar New Year but if the situation improves, the total inbound visitors during Lunar New Year will be better than the Christmas holidays.