Immigration Department charters flight for voluntary repatriation of Vietnamese illegal immigrants to Vietnam


3rd December 2019 – (Hong Kong) The Immigration Department (ImmD) chartered a flight today to effect the repatriation of 30 Vietnamese illegal immigrants to Hanoi, Vietnam. These Vietnamese illegal immigrants comprise 19 males and 11 females aged 18 to 60, of whom 25 are unsubstantiated non-refoulement claimants, including 6 discharged prisoners.
Since the illegal immigrants include convicted persons and unsubstantiated non-refoulement claimants, ImmD officers are deployed to carry out in-flight escort duty on the same chartered flight, in order to ensure safe and smooth repatriation operation. After completion of the escort duty, all officers concerned are arranged to return to Hong Kong on the same day.  
Depending on circumstances and need, the ImmD will continue to consider effecting soonest removal of illegal immigrants from Hong Kong by means of chartered flights or through other appropriate measures.