Immigration Department appeals to residents to make advanced bookings before applying for identity cards after many turned up at ROP offices without appointments


Hong Kong Government Press Release

1st February 2023 – (Hong Kong) ​The Immigration Department (ImmD) spokesman said today that recently a large number of residents have approached the Registration of Persons Offices (ROP Offices) and Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres (SIDCCs) for identity card services without making appointments. The ImmD reminds residents to make appointments for applications before proceeding to ROP Offices or SIDCCs which, to ensure residents could apply for identity cards in a smooth and orderly manner, will not handle applications without appointments. For applicants without an appointment but have an urgent need to replace their identity cards which have been lost, destroyed, damaged or defaced, the ROP Offices will offer assistance based on individual circumstances.

Members of the public can make an appointment via the ImmD mobile application, the Internet (Internet appointment booking: or the 24-hour telephone booking hotlines (2598 0888). Residents may scan QR codes to download the ImmD mobile application or make an appointment for identity card application via the Internet. The ImmD appeals to applicants to pre-fill the application form when making appointments through the mobile application or the Internet for faster procedures.

Hong Kong residents who cannot have their identity cards replaced due to their absence from Hong Kong can apply for a replacement within 30 days upon their return to Hong Kong and need not rush back to replace their identity card, whether the replacement is required under the Territory-wide Identity Card Replacement Exercise at the SIDCCs or due to the reaching of 11 or 18 years of age at the ROP Offices. Residents staying in Hong Kong for less than 30 days upon their return will not infringe the relevant laws because of failing to apply for replacement of their identity cards during that period of stay.