Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Shi Fu Miz Festival on Cheung Chau Island


Shi Fu Miz Festival, a collaboration between Hong Kong’s FuFu Creative and France’s La Mamie’s Crew, invites you to unlock a vibrant realm of music and art. Nestled on the picturesque Sai Yuen Farm on Cheung Chau Island, this annual event has swiftly established itself as the ultimate destination for enthusiasts of diverse house and techno beats.

The highly anticipated 2023 lineup boasts an impressive array of global talents, headlined by the celebratory “25 Years of Rush Hour” featuring renowned artists like Antal and Esa. Joining them are an eclectic mix of performers including Abyss Takeover, Mr. Ho, and Yu Su. Whether you’re a seasoned electronic music aficionado or a curious newcomer, the festival promises to strike a chord with every musical soul.

However, Shi Fu Miz Festival is more than just a music extravaganza. Set amidst the picturesque scenery of Sai Yuen Farm, an eco-conscious outdoor venue, it offers a unique blend of entertainment and enlightenment. With camping facilities available, attendees can fully immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and partake in a wide range of outdoor activities. The dedicated staff ensures an enlightening experience by educating visitors about ecological concerns, making the festival an oasis of ecological consciousness.

Get ready to embark on a journey that transcends music, as the festival seamlessly integrates art, ecology, and a strong sense of community. The enchanting atmosphere of Shi Fu Miz Festival is a testament to its commitment to fostering a holistic experience for its attendees.

Party at the picturesque Sai Yuen Farm on Cheung Chau Island, where the Shi Fu Miz Festival will take place from Friday, 27th October to Sunday, 29th October. The festivities will commence at 5pm and continue until 10pm each day.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to discover the harmonious fusion of music, art, and ecological awareness at Shi Fu Miz Festival.

Venue Name: Shi Fu Miz Festival
Venue Address: Sai Yuen Farm, Cheung Chau Island
Date: Friday, 27th October – Sunday, 29th October
Time: 5pm – 10pm

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