Illiterate elderly woman in Mainland wears silver chicken leg band as ring on her finger for years


8th February 2023 – (Hainan) A woman in Hainan recently shared a video that attracted the attention of netizens. The woman said that her grandmother likes rings very much, and she always wore several “silver rings” on her hands. Recently, her grandmother wore a silver ring which she and her brother decided to take a closer look with curiosity. They were shocked to discover that there were five words, “Hainan Wenchang Chicken” engraved on the ring. The brother then realised that it was not a ring, but a chicken leg band.

The woman found out that the “ring” was picked up by her grandmother. Since her grandmother is illiterate, she has been wearing it for several years without realising. She also added that she had thrown away the chicken leg band afterwards, and they also took their grandmother to a gold jewellery store to buy a new gold ring for her.