Illegal cruise ship capsizes in Hebei’s Lulong County, leaving 12 dead


14th April 2024 – (Hebei) Lulong People’s Government in Hebei province reported a devastating incident that unfolded last Saturday (13th), as an illegal cruise ship capsized in the village of Taolinkou, Liujiaying Township, Lulong County, Qinhuangdao City. The accident resulted in the loss of 12 lives. Reports from the scene indicate that the ill-fated vessel was an illegally modified vessel primarily carrying elderly passengers, many of whom were not wearing life jackets. In response, the Emergency Management Department swiftly dispatched a task force to the site to oversee rescue operations.

The incident occurred during the afternoon when strong winds impacted the downstream river channel of the Taolin Reservoir, causing the ship to overturn and all 31 passengers on board to fall into the river. The search and rescue efforts have since concluded, with the six previously missing individuals found safe and unharmed. Preliminary verification indicates that the remaining 19 individuals, aside from the reported fatalities, are not in life-threatening conditions.

The Emergency Management Department has urged a prompt assessment of the number of people involved, identification of the cause, and ensuring the safety of the rescue operations. Minister Wang Xiangxi emphasised the importance of handling the aftermath and conducting a thorough investigation into the incident. Local emergency, firefighting, water management, health, and public security departments were promptly mobilised for search, rescue, and medical assistance operations.