9th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) While Hong Kongers condemned the alleged abuse of power and excessive use force by police officers, we also examined the increasingly organised and orchestrated attacks carried out by radical protesters in recent weeks.

Alleged abuse of powers by police force

There have been allegations that police are working in cahoots with triads since the Yuen Long Attack on 21st July as many videos and photos have shown police deliberately harbouring the assailants. At least 45 people were injured in the Yuen Long bloodbath. Police only arrived 39 minutes after the horrific incident took place and their laggard response has irked the local community.

There were also many pictures and videos shared on internet that corroborated the allegations even though police subsequently made 6 arrests in connection with the attack of Yuen Long MTR Station on 22nd July. Money was allegedly paid to the attackers moments before the mass assault.

Riot police walking along with armed mobs clad in white.

In addition, there was also a censored NOW TV video clip which purportedly showed a meeting between police officers and men clad in white inside Yuen Long temple during the early hours of 22nd July after the brutal attack. These multiple incriminating evidence have incited civilians to surround and attack multiple police stations in the different districts in subsequent weeks because most people were convinced that the government allowed the police to conspire with the local triads in eradicating protesters.

The Fujian clan.

Our most recent sources have revealed that the Fujian triad has joined forces with the local 14K triad, the second largest triad group in the world with around 25,000 members to attack the protesters during the various protests tomorrow (11th August). They planned to take revenge against the protesters after they were outnumbered earlier on 6th August and one of their members was severely injured by the protesters in another attack in Tsuen Wan later on the same night.

Earlier on 6th August, the mobs clad in white (allegedly linked to the Fujian triads) assaulted protesters in black in North Point at around 8pm before fleeing as they were outnumbered. The protesters then broke the windows and damaged the Fujian clan’s premises on Ming Yuen Western Street in North Point.

One of the men who allegedly gave the order was bashed in Tsuen Wan and hospitalised.

At 11.07pm on the same night, around 40 mobs in white armed with wooden sticks (allegedly linked to a local Fujian triad) appeared in Tsuen Wan and started to attack protesters at the junction of Sha Tsui Road and Chung On Street in Tsuen Wan. One of the mobs who allegedly gave the order to attack protesters was severely bashed.

The Yuen Long MTR Station brutal incident, North Point and Yuen Long attacks have further aggrieved civilians as police have been accused of condoning the acts of triads to harm civilians. Civilians blamed the government for inoculating the police force by not setting up an independent inquiry commission to investigate abuse of power and excessive use of force by the enforcement officials as demanded.

Orchestrated attacks carried out by radical protesters in recent weeks

On the other hand, a similar question would be asked with regards to damages and harm caused by radical protesters, how did the young radical protesters carry out large scale vandalism and destruction, execute non-cooperation campaigns (disrupting public transport service, blocking roads and trains) and discharge flash mob attacks using homemade weapons in such an organised manner?

More than 1 million people joined the historic street march against extradition bill on 9th June. During the first two major street marches which started from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, they were organised peacefully without any untoward incidents. The street rallies took a wrong turn when Police headquarters in Wan Chai was surrounded and vandalised by protesters on 12th June.

Legislative Council Building was subsequently besieged on 1st July and vandalised resulting in extensive damages that cost the government over HK$60 million to repair. A total of 67 protesters were arrested in the two clashes on 8th of July.

Protestors spray painted their demands on the wall panels behind the president’s seat in the Legislative Chamber.

In recent weeks, protesters’ started to change their strategies by implementing flash mob attacks in an attempt to render riot police’s actions futile. Front line protesters have become increasingly immune to tear gas rounds as they were mostly shielded in full gear. Several major roads and Cross Harbour Tunnel were barricaded to disrupt traffic on multiple occasions, many police stations were severely vandalised, 200 traffic lights were damaged in various districts between 3rd and 5th of August. A shocking video managed to capture the violent protesters hurling objects at oncoming vehicles in front of Cross Harbour Tunnel and in another video, protesters thrashed a driver of a vehicle on the street.

Such stunts and violence require great co-ordination and skills as not every protester is equipped with the technical knowledge to locate the wires on traffic light poles and guerrilla warfare strategies. Telegram app has been the number 1 choice used by organisers to co-ordinate protests, disruptions and non-cooperation campaigns throughout the city. These radical frontline protesters have developed real time maps showing real time locations of moving police, fast moving police, parked police locations, warning flags, first aid stations, supplies, areas surrounded by total number of riot police below or above 30, Special Tactical Police. 

Real time map with critical information during confrontation with police.
Tuen Mun Road towards Kowloon direction completely paralysed by protesters on 5th August.

Cross Harbour Tunnel was blocked from both Kowloon and Hong Kong side for multiple times.
200 traffic lights were damaged by protesters.

On 4th August, bricks were flung using home-made giant slingshot at TST police station, molotov cocktails were also thrown while vehicle motor oil poured by radical protesters. In addition, several protesters were also caught throwing molotov cocktails at a taxi and some even put large objects on major MTR track to disrupt train service.

Protesters set fire to barriers and objects outside a police station.
Home-made giant slingshot used to hurl bricks at TST police station.
American flag was again waved at the Tai Po march at 2pm on 10th August.
A tourist was flanked by two protesters holding American flags yesterday at Arrival Hall, Airport terminal 1. Picture credit : Undergrad, H.K.U.S.U. Instant news

A protester was waving an American flag at the Tai Po march at 2pm on today. Also, as recent as yesterday in the 3-day airport protest, two protesters were seen waving an American Flag. One of them even covered his face with a bandana made out of a smaller American flag. Were the protesters trying to imply to travellers that their fight for freedom in Hong Kong was supported by the Americans?

As the anti-extradition fever continues to spread all over Hong Kong, a pro-Beijing Chinese media has published an opinion piece criticising several local media (in particular Apple Daily) & international newspapers in United States and Europe for publicising news targeting police and promoting anti-establishment ideology. They have incited the younger people to engage in violent acts during the anti-extradition protests. Apple Daily was described as the ‘poisonous apple’ used by Jimmy Lai, the founder to infuriate the young people. He was alleged to be the mastermind, main perpetrator and key organiser of the violent acts.

Jimmy Lai met up with US Vice-President Mike Pence in the White House on 8th July. Photo credit : Mark Simon, aide to Jimmy Lai

It is a known fact that Jimmy Lai has always maintained close ties with right-wing politicians in the United States as many have speculated that Mike Simon, Jimmy’s Aide, an ex- US Navy, built the relationships for them. On 13 December 2014, Lai was arrested, along with other pro-democratic leaders, during the clearance of the Admiralty protest site of the Umbrella movement. His house was raided by ICAC after he allegedly donated to pan-democrats in 2014. A copy of search warrants showed that the ICAC was looking for connections between payments or donations and the Legco debate.

Jimmy Lai spotted in the Yuen Long street rally on 27th July.

U.S. Vice President, Mike Pence and Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo met with Jimmy Lai in Washington, D.C on 9th of July, in the wake of multiple protests by Hong Kongers against the proposed amended extradition bill. Why would the US government meet up with a media tycoon from Hong Kong during this sensitive moment? Beijing government condemned their meeting and called Jimmy Lai a ‘national scum’.

Similar to police’s alleged ‘close-knits’ with the triads, one could also argue that Jimmy Lai was funded by National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in United States to mastermind the current civil unrest in Hong Kong. Since the people of Hong Kong were already infuriated with the government over the amended extradition bill, it would be cheaper and easier just to infuriate, incite and fund a small group of front line young student protesters who have no stake in the economy. They could easily lead the street rallies into mass destructions in the city as the anti-establishment sentiment is at all time high.

The Chinese government recently commented that protests in Hong Kong have deviated from the original peaceful rallies. Some radical protesters have been targeting specifically police officers using bricks, steel rods in the beginning before resorting to more offensive weapons lately such as molotov cocktails, bow and arrow, smoke grenades. Protesters even set fire at various rallies and incited others online to assault police officers with deadly tactics. A lot of Hong Kongers would take issue with the stand of Chinese government as they are angered by the lack of responses from the government in particular the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam.

Notwithstanding the increased violence in the city, many continue to be blinded by the increased aggression displayed by front line protesters which has severely impacted the economy in the city.

Hong Kongers continue to be blindfolded and in denial of the worsening situation caused by radical protesters.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. As much we also support the setting up of an independent inquiry commission to investigate abuse of power by police, we are also of the opinion that the rational people of Hong Kong will not hold their beloved city hostage by engaging in ‘terrorist’ attacks to coerce the government into complying with their demands.