Iconic nightclub in LKF ‘DRAGON-i’ remains suspended despite relaxation of social distancing measures sparking speculation of permanent closure


21st May 2022 – (Hong Kong) One of the most iconic nightclubs in LKF, Dragon-i has remained closed today despite the relaxation of social distancing measures in phase 2 on 19th May. During the period between 19th May to 1st June, all clubs and bars may open from 5am to 1.59am of the subsequent day with a maximum number of four persons per table and restriction of patrons to 75 per cent of their capacity.  Live performance and dancing activity are still not allowed therein.

 Dragon-i is owned by the son of Albert Yeung, Chairman of the Emperor Group, Gilbert Yeung who also operates Tazmania Ballroom and Cassio nearby. Both outlets have resumed business operations since the government relaxed social distancing measures.

It was rumoured that some of the staff members of Dragon-i have also been relocated to Tazmania Ballroom and Cassio. Dragon-i’s social media pages including Facebook and Instagram have not been updated since January and a sign saying “Be Right Back! Due to government regulations, we will be closed from the 7th January until further notice” is still visibly displayed at the entrance to the club. Its website also shows ‘Temporary closed’. The temporary suspension of business has sparked speculation among local party goers that it may be shut down permanently. However, none of the furniture and fittings have been removed at the exterior area.

Dragon-i is also a lounge and restaurant serving Chinese dim sum and Japanese delicacies. Many regulars and fans hope that Dragon-i will not suffer from similar fate as VOLAR which succumbed to COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.

Dragon-i has undergone minor renovation on its exterior area more than 1 year ago.

The club was closed as of 8pm today.