ICAC issues arrest warrants against ex-lawmaker Ted Hui and ex-district councillor Yau Man-chun who are both in exile

Insert picture: Ex-lawmaker Ted Hui (Left) and ex-district councillor Yau Man-chun (Right).

29th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) received a warrant issued by a magistrate today (29) to arrest two men for violating section 27A of the Election (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance (“Ordinance”), that is, they allegedly committed illegal conduct to incite another person not to vote, or to cast invalid vote, by activity in public during election period.

Both ex-lawmaker Ted Hui Chi-fung who is currently in exile in Australia and ex-district councillor Yau Man-chun who is currently in exile in U.K. were suspected of violating Article 27A of the Ordinance during the 2021 Legislative Council General Election by openly inciting others not to vote or cast invalid vote on their social media pages between 30th October and 29th November.

The ICAC has launched an investigation into the relevant posts earlier, and in accordance with established procedures, sought legal advice from the Department of Justice on the investigation results. The relevant legal opinion held that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute the two persons. Since the two persons have left Hong Kong, the ICAC applied for a warrant to the Magistrates’ Court this morning. The two were wanted for arrest and the warrant was issued by the Magistrate. Both of them are 39 years old and they face 4 and 8 charges respectively in violation of section 27A of the Ordinance.