ICAC charges HK Customs office and his mother for allegedly defrauding govt housing allowances of more than HK$160,000


23rd September 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) today (23rd) charged a Hong Kong Customs officer and his mother for allegedly falsely claiming to have complied with relevant occupancy regulations and defrauding government housing allowances of more than HK$160,000. The two defendants have been released on ICAC bail pending their plea in Tuen Mun Magistrates’ Courts next Tuesday (27th). Customs officer Pang Chi-hong, 45, and his retired mother, Tang 68, were both charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud, while Pang was also charged with one count of fraud.

Pang applied to the Treasury Bureau for housing allowance under the Home Ownership Subsidy Scheme in January 2017 for a Yuen Long property jointly owned by him and Tang. The Treasury finally approved Pang’s application and paid him a monthly allowance of about HK$3,900. One of the charges alleges that Pang allegedly falsely claimed to the Treasury Department that he lived in the above-mentioned unit, with intent to defraud, to induce the Treasury Bureau to approve his application for the funding scheme and to pay him a total of more than HK$160,000 in subsidies.