IATA welcomes HK govt’s new “0+3” measure but wants 3-day self monitoring, PCR test on arrivals to be scrapped


23rd September 2022 – (Hong Kong) After the Hong Kong government announced the relaxation of the measures today, Dr Xie Xingquan, regional vice president of the North Asia region of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), responded that he welcomes the relaxation of the measures by the Hong Kong government, and believes that it is a step forward. It will help the recovery of the tourism industry, but the next step should be to cancel other epidemic prevention measures introduced in response to the COVID-19, including self-monitoring for 3 days after entry, nucleic acid testing on arrival, and boarding of unvaccinated visitors, etc.

Xie Xingquan pointed out that in the face of the general trend of returning to normal after the epidemic, Hong Kong’s entire aviation operation system needs to be prepared to meet the demand for recovery, and increasing the manpower of the aviation industry is one of the keys.