Hungarian Prime Minister warns of palpable risk of World War III

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Oban

31st March 2023 – (Budapest) Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has sounded the alarm on the increasing risk of another world war, cautioning that the threat is very real and not a mere exaggeration. Speaking on Kossuth Radio, Orban expressed concerns over the European Union’s discussions on sending troops to Ukraine, which could lead to a direct confrontation with Russia.

Orban pointed out that the West has been supplying increasingly powerful weapons for continued hostilities against Russia, exacerbating the risk of World War III. He warned that the situation is no longer a literary exaggeration but a palpable danger that must be addressed urgently.

The Hungarian premier called on European leaders to consider the implications of sending peacekeeping forces to Ukraine, stressing that it would cross another line and potentially trigger a catastrophic conflict. He urged restraint and diplomacy in handling the situation, emphasising that the cost of another world war would be too high to bear.

According to Orban, EU leaders are already considering whether to send peacekeeping-type forces to Ukraine, a move that could further escalate tensions and trigger a larger conflict. The Hungarian premier warned that such a decision would be a grave mistake and called for a more measured approach to resolving the crisis.

Orban’s warning comes as tensions between Russia and the West continue to simmer, with Ukraine caught in the crossfire. The conflict in eastern Ukraine has claimed more than 13,000 lives since it began in 2014, and the recent military buildup by Russia along its border with Ukraine has raised concerns of a renewed offensive.

To avoid a catastrophic conflict, Orban called for dialogue and diplomacy between Russia and the West, stressing that military escalation is not the answer. He urged all parties to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine, emphasizing that the consequences of another world war would be catastrophic for everyone.

The risk of another world war is very real, and it is imperative that leaders around the world take the necessary steps to prevent it. Orban’s warning serves as a wake-up call to the international community to work together towards peace and stability in Ukraine and the wider region.