Hundreds of railway fans queue to take the new cross-harbour section of the East Rail Line at Exhibition Centre Station


15th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) The cross-harbour section of the East Rail Line was officially opened to traffic today (15th). Among them, the much-anticipated entrance and exit of A3 Station of the Exhibition Centre Station will open at 4.45am in the morning. At 4am today, there were already a sea of ​​train enthusiasts outside the Station, with more than 100 citizens. While waiting, many railway fans expressed their anticipation for the opening to traffic. The Exhibition Centre Station will welcome the first batch of passengers at 5.05am in the morning.

Some MTR executives distributed special masks for the Exhibition Centre Station to the public, and some citizens brought champagne and bouquets to celebrate the new station. The cross-harbour section of the East Rail Line is 46 kilometres long and connects the northeastern New Territories, Kowloon, Central and Hong Kong Island. The special first bus departed from the Convention and Exhibition Station at 5.25am this morning, but due to the large number of passengers, it had to be delayed by 1 minute, that is, at 26. At around 10pm last night, there were already 20 railway fans waiting in line outside the station at Exit A3 of the station. All the railway fans were very excited.