Hundreds of protesters gather at Exit B1 of Prince Edward MTR Station, Wong Tai Sin Square and Kowloon Bay this evening


30th November 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 8pm tonight, over 100 protesters gathered in front of Exit B1 of Prince Edward MTR Station to commemorate the 3-month anniversary of the clash at the station on 31st August. Protesters set up praying altar, lit candles and laid flowers in front of the Exit. At 9.05pm, riot police arrived on Nathan Road and hoisted blue flag. They were armed with tear gas guns and pepper spray.

 Since around 8pm, protesters also barricaded Nathan Road near Prince Edward seriously paralysing the traffic.

Prince Edward MTR Station.
Police hoisted blue flag at 9.05pm on Nathan Road.

At 8.20pm today, more than one hundred of protesters gathered at Wong Tai Sin Square to sing ‘Glory to Hong Kong’. Some of them raised their fingers to signify their five demands and shouted slogans.

Wong Tai Sin Square at 9.20pm.

Meanwhile in Kowloon Bay, protesters also formed human chain at 9pm.

Kowloon Bay