Hundreds of party revellers in shock after a ‘Full Moon Party’ organised by LUXNETWORKING turns out to be a homemade BBQ gathering at Shek O Beach


18th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) A local event company called Luxnetworking (formally known as J-Link) which specialises in party promotions organised a FULL MOON Party last Saturday in Shek O. Hundreds of eager party revellers who paid HK$550 per head were left furious after they arrived at the ‘party’ which turned out to be a small barbecue pit with portable speakers. The party reportedly ended at around 11pm.

‘Full moon party’ on Shek O Beach. Picture credit : Tasha Yip
J-Link organised many junk boat parties in the past.

50 Early birds paid for the HK$200 tickets while the rest had to fork out HK$550 per head. At least 500 people who turned up at the disastrous beach party expecting free-flow of drinks were devastated to find out that there were extra charges for drinks.

Even the DJ, Nick who was hired by Luxnetworking pulled out immediately during the party after finding out that the event was falsely advertised to mislead people.

Luxnetworking continued to market more parties despite their massive flop last weekend. Many have described them as a scam company with negative comments purportedly deleted from their Facebook page. A netizen posted online lamenting that she failed to get a refund from a cancelled junk party despite repetitive reminders. In August 2018, another netizen signed up for a mega boat event organised by J-Link which was cancelled subsequently. Many other victims also posted on their Facebook to share their experience on Luxnetworking.

In defiance, the company has created a new event called new Full Moon Party Vol. 2 on 20th July 2019 to attract unwary party-goers.

In addition, more upcoming parties are still being planned in the pipeline by Luxnetworking, amongst others, a junk party on 13th July 2019 and a Great Gatsby Party on 3rd August 2019.