Hundreds of anti-extradition protestors walk to embassies to submit petition letters


26th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) Hundreds of protestors gathered at Chater Garden in Central at 9.30pm this morning before proceeding to 19 embassies in Hong Kong. First stops include the Consulate General of the United States and Macao on Garden Road, European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao and British Consulate General Hong Kong. Around 30 police officers were seen outside the Consulate General of the United States. Protestors petitioned for the international countries ahead of the G20 Summit to pressure China to raise concerns over Hong Kong. They further stated that the Extradition bill is a challenge to international stability. Other demands included retraction of the use of word ‘riot’ and no charges against protestors.

T-shirts with words ‘LIBERATE HONG KONG’ were given free to others at Chater Garden this morning. Legislative members Jeremy Tam, Gary Fan were also present. They expressed that they wanted to raise the awareness of the issue amongst the international community.

T-shirts with words ‘LIBERATE HONG KONG’ were given free

Paul Chan Mo-po, the current Financial Secretary of Hong Kong and former Secretary for Development of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region hinted in a public event on 25th June that protestors’ appeal to the government not to prosecute protestors would not be entertained and he warned against any form of illegal street protests.

Civil Humans Right Front is the main organiser of the ‘G20 Free Hong Kong Assembly’ at Edinburg Place in Central tonight from 8pm onwards.