Hugh Grant settles high-profile privacy invasion lawsuit against The Sun

    Hugh Grant

    18th April 2024 – (London) British actor Hugh Grant has reached a substantial financial settlement in a lawsuit against The Sun tabloid, which he accused of engaging in invasive and unlawful surveillance tactics, including phone tapping and burglary. The settlement was announced in a court session on Wednesday, 17th April.

    Grant, a long-standing critic of invasive press practices, expressed his decision to settle was made with reluctance, driven by the potential financial burden of legal costs, which could have amounted to nearly £10 million. “As is common with entirely innocent people, they are offering me an enormous sum of money to keep this matter out of court,” Grant stated on the social media platform X. He emphasized the financial risk of pursuing the case further, despite the strength of his claims.

    The terms of the settlement remain confidential, and News Group Newspapers (NGN), the subsidiary behind The Sun and part of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, has not admitted any liability. NGN described the settlement as a financially pragmatic decision to avoid an expensive trial.

    Grant’s legal battle stems from allegations that NGN engaged in a range of unlawful activities from 1994 to 2016, including hiring private investigators to intercept voicemails and install tracking devices on his car. The actor recounted a particularly disturbing incident in 2011 when his apartment was broken into, and nothing was stolen, but a detailed description of the scene appeared in The Sun shortly after.

    Despite the settlement, Grant remains committed to advocating for press reform. He highlighted his intention to allocate the settlement funds to support organizations like Hacked Off, which campaigns for a more accountable press. Hacked Off was formed following the phone-hacking scandal that led to the closure of News of the World and a subsequent government inquiry into press practices.

    Grant’s decision not to pursue his claims to trial leaves Prince Harry and 41 other claimants preparing for a High Court case scheduled for January, continuing the broader challenge against NGN’s alleged misconduct.