How to transfer physical Octopus Card to your iPhone


2nd June 2020 – (Hong Kong) In July 2019, Octopus Cards Limited announced that customers would be able to use their Octopus on their iPhone or Apple Watch for transit and retail payment with Apple Pay by end of 2019. in January this year, Iphone users can use their phones to top up their cards on Octopus App via online bank transfer or O! ePay.

The latest announcement today involves the integration of the Octopus card into iPhones where users can tap or swipe their iPhone or Apple Watch to make a transaction. User can also add a biometric authentication before making any payment. Users can then top up their value just like the existing Octopus Cards. Once the digital card is uploaded, the user’s physical card will be rendered void.

To add the Octopus card to your iPhone, open your iPhone Wallet and click on the PLUS sign to add your card. Then you can top up your value with Apple Pay or at any convenience stores. To transfer the existing value on your physical card, simply add in the last 5 numbers on your Octopus number and tap the physical card on the back of iPhone.

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