How to buy the best Hong Kong travel adapter


    9th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Travelling internationally can be an exciting experience, but it also comes with complications due to varying power outlets in different regions. This means without the correct adapter; travellers will not be able to charge their electronic devices. If you are looking to visit Hong Kong, this article comprehensively explains a few key factors that can help you to decide how to buy the best travel adapter for you. This way, you can make an informed decision before committing to a purchase.

    Hong Kong travel adapters

    When planning to travel to Hong Kong, it is important to consider the type of travel adapters to purchase, or else travellers will not be able to plug in their electronic devices. The standard electric voltage in Hong Kong is 220V and 50 Hz, with the majority of electrical outlets taking a three-pronged UK-style plug.

    Most Hong Kong travel adapter plugs allow electrical connections of up to 240V. That said, an adapter plug does not change the current or voltage unless the electronic appliance is dual voltage. Additionally, a non-grounded adapter may not be used with appliances that have grounded plugs – travellers will need a grounded adapter instead.

    Types of travel adapters

    Single-region travel adapters

    As its name states, these adapters are the most straightforward option. Aside from the particular country it adapts to, these adapters can be used in countries that use all the same sockets and voltages. While they are the cheapest option, they can limit flexibility, especially for people who need to travel abroad often.

    Multi-region travel adapters

    For greater versatility, buyers can opt for a multi-country or region travel adapter. They are typically larger, with different pins and sockets. They are designed to accommodate several national standards at the same time. These adapters commonly handle a combination of European, Asia, UK, and North American standards.

    Universal travel adapters

    They are typically the most flexible option and are suitable for use in the majority of countries around the world. This flexibility does come with increased size, meaning they can be less convenient and tricky to transport. Additionally, in less stable socket types, the added weight can make these adapters less securely attached.

    Plug type

    As stated above, Hong Kong primarily uses the British-style three-pin plug (Type G). As such, consumers should ensure that the travel adapter they pick has a Type G socket or an adjustable plug that can accommodate this specific plug type. Always double-check before committing to making a purchase, or else the power adapter may not be used in the region.


    Another thing travellers should do is check if the travel adapter supports the voltage and frequency used in Hong Kong. Again, Hong Kong operates on a voltage of 220V at 50 Hz. As such, buyers need to make sure their power adapter for Hong Kong can handle this specific voltage to safely power their electronic devices.

    USB ports

    Buyers should think about whether they need USB ports for charging their electronic devices. Nowadays, many travel adapters come with built-in USB ports, allowing users to charge their smartphones, tablets, or other USB-powered electronic devices without the need for additional adapters or chargers. This makes it more convenient for people who need to travel around frequently.

    Compactness and Portability

    If you are someone that travels often, then consider purchasing a travel adapter that is compact and lightweight. This makes it easier to carry in travel bags or luggage, making it more convenient when moving things around. A compact and portable adapter can also help save vital space during any travel.  

    Safety features

    Another thing buyers need to keep in mind is ensuring that the travel adapter they are planning to purchase has built-in safety features. This includes features such as surge protection, overload protection, and short-circuit protection. They help to protect electronic devices from voltage fluctuations and electrical surges, safeguarding them from any potential damage.

    Quality and brand reputation

    It is best that consumers pick a travel adapter from a reputable brand that is known for either producing or providing reliable and durable products. Make sure to spend some time reading customer reviews and ratings to help access the adapter’s quality and performance before making a purchase.


    Before buying a power adapter, consumers should consider their budget and how much a power adapter costs. They should then find a travel adapter that offers the best value for money. Keep in mind that quality and safety are not things that should be compromised for a lower price.

    Additional features

    Some travel adapters come with additional features that consumers may be interested in considering. Some of these features include built-in power banks, LED indicators, or compatibility with multiple plug types. Buyers should access these additional features based on their specific needs and preferences, and whether it is truly worth using them.

    Adapters with built-in voltage converters

    If a buyer plans on using a device that operates with a different voltage than what is normally provided in Hong Kong, then consider purchasing a travel adapter that has a built-in voltage converter. This will ensure that any devices being used will receive the appropriate voltage without the need to buy an additional converter.


    By considering the above factors, you can find the best travel adapter that is suited to your needs when visiting Hong Kong. Remember to always double-check the plug type, voltage compatibility and safety features to ensure a safe and seamless experience when using your electronic devices in the region.