How to apply for the new Mainland travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao Non-Chinese permanent residents


    3rd July 2024 – (Hong Kong) Starting 10th July, non-Chinese permanent residents of Hong Kong and Macao will have a streamlined process for visiting Mainland China, thanks to the new Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents. The permit, valid for five years, allows multiple entries with each stay capped at 90 days and simplifies travel by removing the need for repeated passport presentations, fingerprint verifications, and customs declaration cards at each entry.

    The permit is designed for non-Chinese citizens who are permanent residents of Hong Kong and Macau and seek to enter the mainland for short-term activities such as investment, tourism, family visits, or business. This development is expected to enhance cross-border exchanges and economic activities between the regions and the mainland.

    Applicants must provide several key documents:

    • A fully completed Application Form for Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (Non-Chinese Citizens).
    • A valid Hong Kong permanent identity card. For those under 11 without a card, a Notice of Application for Access to Information from the Hong Kong Immigration Department confirming permanent residency status is required.
    • A valid ordinary passport with at least six months of remaining validity, excluding passports not recognised by the Chinese government.
    • Recent nationality certificates issued within six months prior to the application date.

    The application is processed within 20 working days after submission, and the permit can be collected at designated application offices. Applicants must pick up their permits within 12 months from the scheduled date of collection; failure to do so without valid reasons will result in cancellation. For applicants under 18, legal guardians must accompany them during the application and can collect the permit on their behalf.

    The cost of applying for the permit is HK$260 in Hong Kong or Macao, and RMB 230 for renewals or replacements in Mainland China.

    Applicants should apply in person at the China Travel Service (HK) Ltd and be accompanied by their guardians if under 18. It is crucial to note that the permit does not authorise the holder to work, study, or engage in journalistic activities within mainland China. For such activities, a separate visa or permit is required.

    This new permit represents a significant easing of travel restrictions and should be a boon for the thousands of residents who regularly commute between these regions and the mainland, fostering greater connectivity and understanding between the areas. For more detailed information, applicants are advised to visit the official National Immigration Administration website by clicking HERE.