“How I Met Your Mother” actor accused of stabbing makeup artist girlfriend awaits extradition in Texas jail

    Pascal reportedly stabbed his girlfriend Allie Shehorn 20 times before fleeing to Texas.

    10th June 2024 – (Texas) Hollywood actor Nick Pasqual, known for his role in “How I Met Your Mother,” has found himself incarcerated in a small-town Texas jail while awaiting extradition back to California. Pasqual, 34, stands accused of attempting to murder his makeup artist girlfriend, Allie Shehorn, 35, in a violent attack that left her with more than 20 stab wounds. DailyMail.com brings exclusive details of the ongoing situation.

    Pasqual’s arrest followed the gruesome incident that took place in the early hours of 23rd May. He was subsequently charged with attempted murder, burglary, and domestic violence. While Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has vowed to ensure Pasqual’s return to California to face justice, it has been revealed that Pasqual remains detained in the Hudspeth County Jail, located in the remote Sierra Blanca, Texas. No specific date for his transfer proceedings back to California has been set.

    The small city of Sierra Blanca, with a population of merely 315 people according to the 2020 census, sits just 16 miles from the Mexican border. Pasqual was apprehended approximately 35 miles away from the county seat of Hudspeth County while attempting to flee into Chihuahua, Mexico, across the Fort Hancock International Bridge.

    The severity of the attack on Shehorn prompted Gascon to describe it as “heinous,” pledging to hold Pasqual accountable for his alleged crimes. Shehorn, a talented makeup artist, is still in the process of recovering from the horrific incident in a hospital. However, she has shown progress and has been moved out of the intensive care unit.

    Friends and supporters have rallied around Shehorn, starting a GoFundMe page to assist her in her recovery. The page has received an overwhelming response, raising over $110,000 towards her medical care. Shehorn’s close friend, Jed Dornoff, expressed admiration for her courage and determination in facing the long road to recovery.

    Prior to the attack, Shehorn had obtained a temporary restraining order against Pasqual after enduring months of abuse. She had previously reported instances of violence, including Pasqual allegedly slamming her head against the floor and attempting to break down doors in their shared Sunland home. Despite Pasqual’s arrest for felony domestic violence, he was able to secure release on bail, allowing him to commit the brutal attack on Shehorn just three days later.

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