Housing Department continuously improves environmental hygiene in public housing estates


23rd September 2022 – (Hong Kong)  The Housing Department (HD) said today that the HD fully supports the work direction set by the District Matters Co-ordination Task Force through strengthening regular cleaning work in public housing estates, focused efforts in tackling hygiene black spots, enhancing publicity and stepping up inspections to continue to build a pleasant and clean living environment for the residents.
The HD has conducted the enhanced Estate Cleaning Operation in 193 public housing estates of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) since August. For individual hygiene black spots in the housing estates, the HD has carried out around 2,000 additional instances of clean-up work on top of regular cleaning. The HD has also added more than 580 grab lorry services at individual junk collection points to expedite removal of abandoned articles disposed of by residents. The HD staff will continue to carry out daily inspections, and conduct joint cleaning operations with various stakeholders (including relevant government departments, other owners and shop tenants). More than 210 operations have been organised since August.
Regular cleaning work in housing estates has also been stepped up, including doubling the efforts in cleaning public areas with high pedestrian flow and frequently used facilities such as passageways, refuse collection points and public toilets. The frequency of cleaning has increased for playgrounds and recreational facilities that are used more often by the elderly and children. Deep cleaning and disinfection has also been conducted in the HA’s markets.
  The HD will, through various publicity and education channels such as the Estate Newsletters, the Housing Channel, social media, posters and promotional leaflets, continue to appeal to residents and shop tenants to properly handle waste and abandoned articles. They are encouraged to actively participate in the HD’s cleaning operations, keep the housing estates clean and build a pleasant and clean living environment together.