Housing Bureau adjusts application requirement for transitional housing to support families with newborns


1st December 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a bid to facilitate fertility and create an environment conducive to childbearing, the Housing Bureau (HB) has announced adjustments to the application requirements for Category A tenants of Transitional Housing, effective from today. Families with newborns, who have been waiting for traditional public rental housing (PRH) for two years instead of the general requirement of three years, will now be eligible as Category A tenants.

Under the revised guidelines, families or individuals currently waiting for traditional PRH for less than three years fall under the category of Category B tenants of Transitional Housing. However, starting today, the waiting time requirement for traditional PRH will be reduced by one year for families with newborns born on or after 25th October, 2023. This means that those who have been waiting for traditional PRH for two years will be eligible to apply as Category A tenants. The existing eligibility requirement of three years of waiting for traditional PRH remains unchanged for other applicant families or individuals. Families with newborns are required to submit their applications for transitional housing while their baby is under one year of age.

For detailed information regarding the application process for transitional housing, interested individuals can visit www.hb.gov.hk/eng/policy/housing/policy/transitional/tenantapplications.html. Should there be any inquiries, the Task Force on Transitional Housing under the HB can be reached at 3611 8156.

Organizations operating transitional housing projects are expected to allocate a minimum of 80 per cent of the units to Category A tenants. However, they are permitted to establish specific criteria targeting specific groups of applicants based on their service features. Additionally, up to 20 per cent of the units can be reserved for other categories of applicants, namely Category B tenants. The HB anticipates that these measures will assist families with newborns in need, enabling them to overcome their challenges swiftly and improve their overall quality of life.