Housing Authority to reclaim units from 28,000 public housing tenants who failed to submit asset declaration forms

Rosanna Law

7th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Housing Authority initiated the second round of asset declaration for public housing tenants in April this year. Approximately 250,000 tenants who have resided in public housing for over 10 years are required to declare their income and assets. The deadline for submission was 31st May. As of 5th June, a total of 222,000 declarations have been received, accounting for 88% of the overall total.

Rosanna Law, the Permanent Secretary for Housing and the head of the Housing Authority, mentioned in a radio program this morning (June 7th) that they are still receiving declarations continuously, stating that “everyone is a deadline fighter.” She further advised that next week, letters will be sent to tenants who have not submitted their declarations, requesting them to submit the required documents within the given timeframe. Tenants will also need to provide a written explanation for the delay. Failure to comply will result in the termination of their lease and the reclamation of their public housing units.

Regarding the tenants who have not yet submitted their forms, Law stated that the Housing Authority will conduct in-depth investigations. They will also monitor the comings and goings of these units and provide reminders. Law emphasized that written explanations must be accompanied by supporting evidence, and the Housing Authority will handle each case based on its individual circumstances. She clarified that the declaration forms were placed in the tenants’ mailboxes and there is no possibility of them being lost.

Law further stated that for tenants who refuse or neglect to complete the declaration forms or for those found to have no genuine housing needs, the Housing Authority will issue notices to vacate the premises. Any illegal activities will be dealt with strictly through law enforcement.

Regarding elderly households, Law mentioned that from October of this year to October of the following year, all elderly households will be required to declare their residential status. However, the Housing Authority will handle the declaration of assets and properties held by elderly tenants with caution.