Hotel room showing veteran singer Alan Tam changing clothes in alleged scandal was accessed by others


    25th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong veteran singer Alan Tam was suddenly involved in scandal. A Chinese Netizen accused that the married male singer, Tam slept with his 23-year-old girlfriend, and uploaded several photos of a man in black in a hotel room as “evidence.” Although Tam has issued a statement denying the incident, and its manager company IMPACT ENTERTAINMENT (HONG KONG) LIMITED and Universal Records have also condemned the incident, but many netizens have not given up and continued to search Tam’s social media pages to search for traces of evidence.

    Picture uploaded by Chinese netizen purportedly showing a man in black wearing Kenzo sneakers alleged to be Alan Tam. The picture was subsequently deleted.
    Brian Cheng underwent deep throat saliva test in the room which has the same decorative painting on the wall. Picture source: Alan Tam’s Weibo.
    Picture source: Alan Tam’s Weibo.
    Alan Tam in his sports attire and the KELME sneakers.

    Some netizens discovered that in December last year, Tam had posted a photo similar to the hotel room of the man in black uploaded by the Chinese netizen. Although the hotel rooms in the two photos are similar in decoration with the same wall painting, but there was another photo showing Brian Cheng, another local singer who entered and exited the room. Everyone had a deep throat saliva test in the room. There were also many staff members who entered and exited the room. It seemed that the same hotel room was used as a room for the celebrities to rest and conduct tests.

    In addition, some netizens found that in October 2020, Tam had posted photos of wearing similar clothes and KELME sneakers to the man in black in the pictures uploaded by the Chinese netizen. Alan said that he often dresses up in similar black sports attire like normal people. However, the coincidence has caused a lot of speculation among netizens.