Hospital Authority delegation promotes medical pathway and registration arrangement in London

The Hospital Authority Chief Executive, Dr Tony Ko, introduced the public healthcare service of Hong Kong to the medical students in the "Hong Kong Day" event in London, and encouraged them to return to work in Hong Kong.

2nd April 2023 – (London) The Hospital Authority (HA) delegation, along with representatives from the Department of Health and the two medical schools in Hong Kong, participated in recruitment events organised by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government in London for two consecutive days. The delegation aimed to promote the latest pathway and registration arrangement for medical students and practitioners from Hong Kong to return and serve in the city.

The delegation attended the “Hong Kong Day” event hosted by the Hong Kong Medical Society of the UK and explained to medical students how they can exempt from examination to obtain full registration after working for a certain period in Hong Kong’s public healthcare institutions through special registration, limited registration and other channels. They also introduced opportunities for receiving specialist training and obtaining specialist qualification in public healthcare institutions after returning to Hong Kong.

The Secretary for Health, Professor Lo Chung-mau, expressed his delight that the delegation successfully began its visit. He stated that the Chief Executive proposed in the 2022 Policy Address to be more proactive and aggressive in competing for talents. The Health Bureau has spared no effort to attract, retain and develop healthcare talents. The delegation is taking the initiative to attract different medical students and practitioners coming to Hong Kong to serve the HA, the Department of Health, and the two medical schools in Hong Kong with their talents.

The HA Chief Executive, Dr Tony Ko, stated that they were delighted to have the opportunity to meet with more than 200 Hong Kong medical students and medical practitioners in person and online in London. Their responses were very positive, showing great interest in returning to work in Hong Kong. The HA demonstrated their utmost sincerity and hope that they will seriously consider returning to serve their patients.

Dr Ko added that the HA will maintain close contact with the participants by a dedicated team. They will verify the qualifications of those interested in returning to work in Hong Kong and complete the relevant approval and appointment procedures as soon as possible. The HA will also assist them in other procedures related to their return to Hong Kong and provide other necessary support so that they can join the HA’s work without any worries.

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London (London ETO), is a supporting organisation of the “Hong Kong Day.” The Director-General of London ETO, Mr Gilford Law, addressed the participants in a pre-recorded message. Mr Law stated that competing for talents tops the agenda of the HKSAR Government. The Government is making every effort to provide the most facilitating and favourable environment for global talents to thrive in the city. In the medical field, the new pathway for qualified non-locally trained doctors to register and practise in Hong Kong is a ground-breaking development in recent years.

During their stay in London, the delegation also visited different medical schools to promote Hong Kong’s public healthcare service. The government had earlier announced 75 medical qualifications recognised by the Special Registration Committee. The HA will make every effort to recruit eligible non-locally trained doctors through limited or special registration. They will also actively promote these schemes in different countries and regions to attract more non-locally trained doctors to join the Hong Kong public healthcare sector to meet the growing demand for services.

The HA delegation’s visit to London was part of the government’s proactive measures to attract healthcare talents. With an ageing population and an increasing demand for healthcare services, Hong Kong needs more medical professionals to meet the growing demand.