Hospital Authority representatives promote recruitment events in the U.K., attracting overseas healthcare talent


22nd April 2024 – (London) The Hospital Authority (HA) actively participated in recruitment events held in London and Manchester, organised by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. Over the course of two consecutive days on 20th and 21st April, representatives from the HA, along with delegates from Hong Kong’s medical schools and the Department of Health, collaborated with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London and the Hong Kong Medical Society of the U.K. to engage with approximately 300 medical students and practitioners in person or online. The events aimed to showcase the latest opportunities and pathways for working in Hong Kong, covering registration arrangements, specialist training development, and more. The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

Dr. Tony Ko, the Chief Executive of the HA, expressed delight at the opportunity to meet medical students and practitioners in both London and Manchester. He introduced them to the current state of Hong Kong’s public healthcare system and highlighted the convenience of the new registration scheme, which provides various pathways to practice in Hong Kong. Discussions also encompassed the working environment, remuneration packages, career prospects, and the advantages of healthcare services development in Hong Kong. Participants demonstrated enthusiasm and expressed serious consideration of returning to serve patients in Hong Kong.

The HA has intensified its efforts to recruit overseas healthcare talent, establishing a Global Healthcare Professional Recruitment Centre to coordinate all overseas recruitment programs. Regularised recruitment activities include sending representatives to different locations to promote and recruit healthcare professionals. The HA aims to attract not only medical students upon graduation but also overseas medical practitioners to join their ranks. To simplify the recruitment process, the HA offers a one-stop enquiry service through an online platform and instant messaging apps. A designated team assists interested healthcare professionals in finding suitable jobs and guides them through necessary procedures to make joining the HA as convenient as possible.

During the recruitment events, prominent figures such as Professor Philip Chiu, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Professor Leo Poon, Associate Dean of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, provided valuable insights into the different working environments offered by public healthcare services in Hong Kong.

Dr. Ko expressed satisfaction with the response to the U.K. recruitment events, stating his confidence in recruiting suitable non-locally trained doctors to join the HA and meet the growing demand for services. The HA will continue its proactive promotions in various countries and regions and maintain close contact with participants, verifying their qualifications and assisting with relevant appointments and approval procedures to facilitate their prompt entry into the HA.

Interested medical students and practitioners are encouraged to make enquiries through the HA’s online platform and instant messaging software. A dedicated team will provide follow-up assistance and support throughout the application process (see appendix for contact details).