Hospital Authority general out-patient clinics provide support to COVID-19 patients 

Photo shows the HA Chief Executive, Dr Tony Ko (second right), visited the South Kwai Chung Jockey Club GOPC today to learn about its operation.

Hong Kong Government Press Release

30th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) The 71 general out-patient clinics (GOPCs) of the Hospital Authority (HA) have resumed normal service starting from today. GOPCs have strengthened their service and more than 2,000 quotas are reserved for COVID-19 patients daily. As at 5pm, GOPCs have provided medical consultation for more than 1,400 COVID-19 patients, which is around 50 per cent of the service quotas.

The HA Chief Executive, Dr Tony Ko, visited the South Kwai Chung Jockey Club GOPC today to learn about its operation. Dr Ko said, “The operation of clinics is generally smooth, providing a total of more than 10,000 quotas for patients with episodic diseases, and among the quotas, more than 2,000 are reserved for COVID-19 patients. Additional reserved quotas in day and evening clinic sessions will be deployed to support confirmed patients as appropriate. The HA will closely monitor the situation of clinics to ensure that quotas and manpower are sufficient to assist patients.”

The HA Chief Manager (Primary and Community Services), Dr Tony Ha, said, “Some clinics in Kowloon district were experiencing a surge in demand today. The HA had immediately deployed additional manpower and quotas to those clinics for patients in need to make appointments. There have been some clinics that are temporarily fully booked during busy periods, but the overall quota for COVID-19 patients is still sufficient.”

Dr Ha added that the HA will update the appointment status of each clinic every half hour. Appointment quotas will also be released in batches by clinics in an orderly manner. The public can rest assured.

All confirmed patients can make an appointment for consultation services at the 71 GOPCs through the following ways:

  1. using the “Book COVID (GOPC)” function of the “HA GO” mobile app;
  2. using the GOPC Telephone Appointment System to book an appointment. Patients can refer to the HA website for the booking telephone number; and
  3. calling the HA enquiry hotline 1836 115. The hotline will refer COVID-19 patients who are in need of GOPCs for further treatment.

     In addition, the seven Care Booking Lines (Annex) will continue to provide assistance to high-risk COVID-19 patients to make appointments.

The HA will announce the information of GOPC quotas reserved for COVID-19 patients at 8.30am and 1pm every day, and will update the information in a timely manner according to the reservation situation. The public can refer to the following hyperlink:

The HA urges confirmed patients with mild symptoms or lower risks to consult private doctors so as to alleviate the pressure on accident and emergency or GOPC services. Patients who require COVID-19 oral drugs can refer to the following hyperlink to consult the relevant private doctors: